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Dover Recreation Update October 2020

For all Recreation Programs, face coverings and social distancing will be enforced. Temperatures will be taken at the beginning of each program.

The Playground are open. All restrictions and recommendations are posted. You will also find a hand sanitizing station attached to the outside of the Recreation Building facing the playground. Please use this often and make sure that there are no more than 50 children playing at the playground at one time. The Recreation Dept. will monitor the situation throughout the day when we are open. Please follow all signs posted. Children 2 years old and younger cannot wear masks.

All fields are opened you may use them with your family and friends. Fields are open. No more than 50 children allowed on the fields at one time. Please follow all signage. 

Bathrooms are open in the back of the park attached to the Garage. Because of COVID-19 only one bathroom can be open. Please read and follow all directions on the signs attached. There is a first Aid station there with Hand Sanitizing available. Bathrooms are cleaned 3 times during the day with disinfectant that kills germs. Please follow all signage.


Remember stay tuned to our face-book pages and website for more information on programming this summer and updates.